The lost art of “neighboring”

As a kid I knew everyone on our street by name. I also knew who had the mean dog and to go to Mrs. Bradley’s if we needed to borrow a cup of sugar (for Kool-Aid of course).

It seems like our lives are so busy and transitional that we don’t get to know each other that way anymore. Sure there are pockets of neighbors who connect. But we can all benefit by knowing  who is in our hood.

I hope that eventually this blog will serve as a meaningful platform for the Maxwell Creek neighborhood.  You may need a babysitter, a fence stainer, a recipe or a walking buddy. Your dog might get lost and you may want a place to post a photo so we can help you find it.  There may be a cause to get the word out on how to help a neighbor in need…..the opportunities are endless

 Plus, I know you are curious about how much the neighbor is selling  his home for or  better yet, how much he got for his home. My Real Estate Rocks section will give you the inside scoop.

Dawn is in the hood to help the neighbors connect.

Your contributions are welcomed to any section. I would like to hear your thoughts about this blog. I look forward to your comments.

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