Well, what’s going on here?

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Apparently, the next phase of Maxwell Creek is being developed. The group of 150 or so lots will be ready for construction by the summer of 2011. K. Hovnanian, Standard Pacific and First Texas have first choice of lots.  No additional builders are anticipated at this time. The First Texas lots will be along McMillan to remain consistent with their current lots on the outer edge of the subdivision. Standard Pacific and K. Hovnanian will continue to share interior streets as they do now.  Standard Pacific has already introduced new floor plans ranging from 2500 to 3900 square feet starting in the mid 200’s.

What does this mean for existing sales in our neighborhood? The competition continues. As you may know, builders are notorious for discounting prices in order to move their inventory.  Existing homes on the market will have to be in top shape and priced right in order to attract and gain offers from buyers. My advice to a seller who needs to sell in the next year is to get the home on the market now while the builder inventory is limited. See my section on listing information to get more information on home sales in the neighborhood or email me with questions at

I’d like to hear your lots on the development. I will miss the peace of the wide open space when I am on the trail. I have heard that Standard Pacific and Khov have committed to stay and I am glad about the news. First Texas plans to stay, too. Guess I will have to tolerate that.

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