Santa is real…I sat on his lap

The day I had been dreading is finally here. My youngest who is seven no longer believes there is a Santa. It’s not that I didn’t think the day would come. I just thought I had one more year. But I realized at the HOA Holiday Open House that time was up and she is really past “Santa.”

I was all excited when I read that the neighborhood HOA was going to have Santa and a real reindeer at the Holiday social this year. I thought this would be a picturesque event for my kids and was happy when my 10 year-old son agreed to attend with his sister. Even though my son backed out at the last minute and opted to run boring errands with father, I didn’t sweat it. I still had my daughter and her BFF to take to see Santa and the reindeer.

When we got there, we saw the reindeer and sleigh first.

Me: Wow, a real reindeer. I don’t think I have ever seen one.

BFF: You can find them in the woods.

Daughter: Yea, Mom, there all over the place.

I knew this an uphill battle, but I kept hope alive. We walk inside the club house and there was the jolly old man and a six-feet tall elf posted in a corner awaiting visitations. Even if the girls were questioning Santa’s existence, I thought for sure they would want a picture with the man in the red suit. Can you believe I couldn’t get the girls to take a photo with Santa? They were much too cool for that. Oh, but they ate the cookies and drank the coco just fine. Santa should have charged them a fee for eating his cookies and running (literally, they played tag outside until we left.)


Daugher and BFF enjoy cookies and coco

cookies and coco

The two of them didn’t ruin the magic for me or the other kiddos and families at the event. Santa and his dutiful elf charmed and delighted children, listened to countless gift requests and passed out candy canes to all the good little girls and boys. He even coaxed me into sitting on his lap for a photo. Now I have proof there is a Santa and I sat on his lap.

Outside, the reindeer and sleigh were a big hit and a wonderful holiday photo op for families. There was even a professional photographer there willing to take photos. Even though I had two bah hum bugs with me, the open house was a nice way to kick off the holiday season in Maxwell Creek. Thank you to our Maxwell Creek neighbor Lindy Martin for your hard work.

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Next week I will continue with holiday spirit by awarding the first ever Dawninthehood “Blinged-Out” holiday lights awards.

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