Santa sighting: Maxwell Creek on a fire truck?

Thank God I had my Flip handy or I wouldn’t have believed that Santa traded his beloved reindeer for a ride on a fire truck.

Well, on Thursday night he did…I was coming home from Target when I saw two emergency vehicles with flashing lights traveling east on Candlewood Drive and neighbors standing outside in PJ’s. I feared the worst as I had flash backs of other emergencies that have happened in the neighborhood. I quickly stopped the car in the middle of the street and asked a neighbor what was go on. “Oh, it’s Santa on a fire truck,” one replied. My worry quickly turned to excitement as I chased down the fire truck.

On the corner of Crepe Myrtle and Camrose my daughter and I stood waiting for his arrival. First, I heard the blaring holiday music and sirens . Then I saw Santa in all his glory tossing candy from his new red ride. Jolly Old St. Nicholas was in the hood care of the Murphy Fire Department. What a neat treat for all!

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