Nanny Woods potato chip cookies

Two lunch box favs in one – cookies and potato chips.  Butter, flour, crushed chips and sugar are blended to make fabulous short bread cookie. The recipe is so simple I had to share in case you needed  a last minute cookie idea this holiday season.


1/2 C of sugar

2 sticks of butter (room temperature)

1 tsp of vanilla

2 C of flour

1/2 C of crushed potato chips

1/2 C of pecans (optional)

ungreased cookie sheet

350 degree oven


1. Cream butter, sugar and vanilla until smooth.

2. Slowly add flour, crushed chips and nuts.

Crushing chips in a sandwich bag keeps things tidy in the kitchen

3.  Take a piece of dough and make a ball. Place the ball on the cookie sheet. Dough will be kind of dry.

Be sure to leave room between dough balls

4. Dip the bottom of a glass in a little water. Then dip the glass in some sugar. Flatten the dough ball with the glass.

5. Add more sugar on to cookies if you want.

We added additional colored sugar

6. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

7. Let cookies cool and enjoy.

I did not add nuts to the batter. Instead I added nuts on top of a few cookies.

Tip: To keep cookies  moist, add a piece of bread or an apple core to the cookie jar.

Nanny Woods was one of my best girl friend’s grandmother. While looking through her grandmother’s things, my friend found this recipe and shared it with me.

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