The Power of The ‘Hood: Lost Dog Reunited with Owner…Again!

When I started this blog, I had many ideas and I will get to them as the blog evolves. One of the ideas was to have a way to quickly communicate with neighbors whenever there was a lost dog or cat in the neighborhood. I had my first lost pet alert in January. The dog was found and I shouted with glee.

Well, the dog got out again. An email circled in the neighborhood about a found Yorkie. Because the dog had been posted on the blog, one of the neighbors was able to contact me to get a hold of the owner.  A tremendous effort was made by several neighbors to get the dog back to his owner. It was quite a adventure!

“The power of email” one of the neighbors stated. Yes, and I will add, “the power of great neighbors in the in the ‘hood.”

I am happy to post “lost and found” pets and items to blog. Just email me with the information.

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