How patriotic are you? Take this July 4th Quiz

1. What event do Americans celebrate with a National Holiday on the fourth of July?
a. Washington’s birthday. b. The official signing of the Declaration of Independence. c. The formal adoption of the Declaration of Independence. d. Our victory over England, thus ending the Revolutionary War.
2. What other country celebrates their independence day in the month of July (Bastille Day)?
a. Canada b. England c. France d. Australia e. Poland
3.What do you call an expert of flags?
a. Flagman b. Flagellum c. Vexillologist  d. Flatulent e. mercenary
4. How many colonies were there at the start of the Revolutionary War?
a.9   b.7  c.13  d.15  e. 23
5.How many signers were there of the Declaration of Independence?
a.23  b.33  c.40  d.45  e.56
6.In what city was the declaration of Independence signed?
a.New York  b .Washington DC  c. Boston  d. Philadelphia  e. Lexington
7.When was the Declaration of Independence signed by most of the signers?
a.July 2  b.July 4  c. July 5  d. August 2
8 .Where is the Liberty Bell located?
a. Boston   b. Philadelphia   c.New York   d. Bunker Hill
9.Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
a. George Washington  b. Thomas Jefferson  c.Abe Lincoln  d.Ben Franklin
10.Who was the youngest to sign the Declaration of Independence?
a.John Hancock  b. George Washington   c .Edward Rutledge   d. Samuel Adams
11.How many stripes are on the flag today?
a. 6  b.11  c. 13  d.15
12 Lafayette was a native of what country?  
a. United States  b. England. c. Spain  d. Germany  e. France
13. Which State had the most signers of the Declaration of Independence?
a. New York  b. New Jersey  c. Vermont  d.Virginia  e Pennsylvania
14.What is written on the back of the Declaration of Independence?
a. A treasure map  b. nothing  c.signatures of the delegates  d.Original declaration of Independence 4th of July
15. Paul Revere signed the Declaration of Independence first?  True or False
16. Poor Richards Almanac was written by?
a. John Hancock  b. Ben Franklin  c. Samuel Adams  d. Nathan Hale
17.The stripes on the flag stand for the first 13 States?  True or False
18.The USS Constitution goes by the name of Old Iron Ship? True or False
19.Who wrote Paul Revere’s Ride?
a. Mark Twain  b. John Hancock  c.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  d. Sam Adams
20.Sir Francis Dashwood provided guns for the Revolution?  True or False
Bonus Questions
21. How many hotdogs are consumed on July 4th each year?
a.5 million  b.150 million  c.1 billion  d.1 trillion
22.Who invented fireworks?
a.The Egyptians  b. The British  c.The Chinese  d. Louisiana Cajuns
23.How many people were living in the 1776?
a.500,000  b.1 million  c.2.5 million  d.1 billion
1.C = 2.C = 3.C = 4.C = 5.56 = 6.D = 7.D = 8.B = 9.D = 10.C = 11.C = 12.E = 13.E = 14.D = 15.False
16.B = 17.False = 18.False = 19.C = 20.True = 21.B = 22.C = 23.C

How did you score? Let us know!

20-23 Correct – A fire cracker should be named after you!

15-19 – You are as American as apple pie

10-14 – Got a C in  high school American History

5-9 –  Ummm

0-4 – Need to check your birth certificate

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