Dallas-Ft. Worth #7

According to the Higley 1000, Dallas-Ft. Worth is ranked #7 in the list of wealthiest metro area.  First is New York City, followed by Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston.  Following Dallas-Ft. Worth is Philadelphia then Houston.

Higley 1000 also made a list of the highest income neighborhoods.  They labeled it The Elite 100.  Westlake, TX came in #12.  Many celebrities live there such as Jason Witten, Glenn Beck and Sean Payton’s ex.  Their average household income is $526,590.   Interested in a home there?  Here is one listed for $6,290,000 by the Jeff Watson Group.  It is 5 bedrooms, 6 ½ baths and 2 Garages.  Beautiful!







Too expensive?  How about this one?





HR3996248-13 HR3996248-21



It is $1,485,000 and has 4 bedrooms, 4 ½ baths and 3 Garages.

The other two neighborhoods that made the top 100 were Greenway Parks at #15 and Westover Hills at #69.  To see the full list click here and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

There really is no reason I am sharing this information except for the fact you might just find this data useful at your next cocktail party. Tell them read it first on Murphy in The Middle.

Thanks to Candy’s Dirt for always having the inside scoop when it comes to real estate.

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