Murphy Messenger Article – “Head Gear Worn by Girls’ Soccer Teams”

I would like to share a story written by Karen Chaney from the Murphy Messenger.  It talks about the importance of head gear and how a local soccer team has started wearing them for practice and games.  Have I mentioned my daughter is on that soccer team?  🙂  I am proud of the girls for making such a smart and wise decision regarding their safety. Read this article….it is a good one!


Head Gear Worn By Girls’ Soccer Teams
By Karen Chaney

“Mutiny FC Soccer teams, which have many Murphy resident team members, recently began wearing head gear during practices and games. Paul Hason, Mutiny FC Technical Director, Mutiny FC 2003 Girls Team Coach and Mutiny FC 2002 Girls Team Coach stated regarding his opinion of the headgear, “As a coach and player, I have seen countless concussions. Obviously, there is no way to 100% prevent a concussion. It’s just like there are still fatalities in car accidents even though people are wearing their seatbelts.”

Hason’s team wears the Storelli ExoShield HeadGuard. “Key Characteristics: Out performs traditional headguards in scientific protection testing and reduces the effect of G-forces by over 50%. Sleek design avoids traditional “helmet” look while still maximizing protection in key areas. Constructed specifically for soccer with best-in-class materials to provide superior impact absorption, temperature control, breathability and comfort. Incorporates the same lightweight open-cell viscoelastic foam used in combat-grade military helmet liners.” ( (This brand is listed at $59.99 at

Dayna Wolfe, Murphy resident and mother of a Mutiny team member, shares, “I didn’t think about head gear until my daughter got a concussion and laceration requiring eight stitches this season. I wonder what the injury would have been if she had been wearing the head gear.” Amy Mougia, another mother of a team member tells, “My daughter fell and hit the back of her head, she said she could feel the cushion of the head gear.” Both of these mothers are pleased that the team decided to wear the head gear. They know it won’t prevent concussions but agree that it seems like it will soften the blow.

Seasoned licensed athletic trainer Steve Parker, currently with the Dallas Sidekicks, remarks from his years of experience in the soccer arena that the head gear helps reduce forces on the brain while heading the ball. As with any head protection it’s all about cushioning the brain. He reflects on the history of hockey where helmets weren’t mandatory until the 70’s.

Hason mentions, “The players have adjusted to them (head gear) because they wear them for both team training and games. It’s just like when you have to wear a new pair of shoes until you get used to them. Now, we have to sometimes remind the players to take them off after team training and games because they are used to wearing them.” “Wearing the head gear is not mandatory in the Mutiny club. We provided information to the parents and each parent made their own decision.”

Hason has been a coach since 1990. He has been involved with Mutiny for several years as the goalkeeper coach; he came on board full-time as the Technical Director last May. He is the third generation to reach the professional level as both a player and coach, following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. He holds the United States Soccer Federation “A” coaching license, the highest level awarded by the USSF and several other distinguished National Coaching Licenses. He was 1 of 14 coaches in the world recently awarded the Advanced Director of Coaching Certificate by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). He played professionally overseas in Slovakia and Czech Republic and locally for the Dallas Sidekicks. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries from Mid-America Christian University.”

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