Little Free Library

Want to improve literacy and build a stronger community at the same time?

Cheerios and Little Free Library have built 20 Little Free Libraries in the DFW area and they want to add 50 more!

little free library

What is Little Free Library?

This is a grassroots effort that can make a huge impact.  These cute little houses will have books free to the public.  You may find one in front of a store, a house or even in a garden.  Just bring a book that you have already read, leave it for someone else, and then take a new book for you to read.  Reading is a great activity for anyone of any age.  It unleashes your imagination and increases your love of learning!

little girl reading

How can you help?

It is easy!  Contributions even as low as $1 can make a difference.  There are many options from $1 to $350.  Click on the link here to learn about all the different ways for you to donate.  The first $17,500 raised will be used to construct the 50 libraries across the DFW area.  Any additional funds raised will be used to place libraries in rural areas of DFW.

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