Calling all green thumbs!

I want to showcase your gardens and best gardening tips on

Each spring I look forward to planting my small garden.  I am no “pro” by any means, but I enjoy my annual commune with the earth.  Last year, I had a terrible time with my garden.  I planted my usual bounty, watered it regularly, but I had very little to show for my efforts.  It was so bad, I made this video.    

 This year I used my smarts and built a fence around the darn thing and elevated all of my potted plants. While I do have a rabbit that likes to hide behind the garden, he can’t get to it!


Thanks to the fence and the much needed rain, I actually have a harvest this year.  I know I could have purchased the entire produce section at Sprouts for what I have spent on this garden, but I don’t mind.  I feel victorious every time I pick a ripened gem.

My cucumbers are little deformed, but they taste great.  I just slice them and add a little salt to these babies.


 The grape tomatoes are so sweet.  I have been popping them in my mouth like they are Tic Tacs.  I am trying keep get enough of them at one time so that I can cut them in half, stuff them with a little feta cheese, broil them a bit then drizzle with balsamic vinegar. YUMM-O!


 I also have Big Boy Tomatoes.  But like a big boys, they take a long time to mature…(insert laughter here).


 For the first time, I am growing okra.  I don’t know what to make with the okra as it is not my favorite, I have learned that I like them grilled with a little olive oil.  Any ideas are welcomed.


 The fresh basil and oregano make me want to cook Italian dishes every night.


 HELP!  For the first time, I have been able to keep the squash plant alive and blooming.  Sadly, I haven’t had a single squash.  Nor has the poblano pepper plant given me one baby.  Any ideas or suggestions?


 Enough about my Murphy garden.  How is your’s doing? Tell me your garden story and share photos so that I can share it with others.

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