Magnificent Murphy Gardens: A Floral Paradise

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Nothing cheers me up like seeing beautiful flowers in bloom.  The Hancher flower garden was no exception.  Wade and Jamie Hancher, who are expecting their first baby later this year, have been working on making their backyard their paradise since 2007.  They began by turning a graveled area into a patio then adding their favorite plants, trees and flowers, a water feature and serene sitting areas.


Calla lillies, ferns, gerber daisies, rock roses, honeysuckle, tangerine cross vine, a magnolia tree and a bald cypress tree make up their collection florals. The queen of their garden is the exotic plumeria, best known as the flower used for Hawaiian leis.  These low maintenance trees are watered twice a week March through November.  During the cooler months the Hanchers take their potted trees and store them in the garage.  Beware, these exotic florals attract assassin bugs which sting.  But, I hear they can handle a mean bed bug issue.

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The Hanchers purchased their first plumeria on Craigslist and have have been using the cuttings to grow new trees.  For the first time, she plans to grow a plumeria from a seed.  These plants grow well in large pots and will first bloom a couple of years after planting.  Jamie says her secret to getting the gorgeous blooms on all her flowers is using a flower booster with a high middle number.  To my surprise, Jamie gave me gave a cutting from one her plumeria plants. It is sitting on my back patio and I can not wait until it begins to bloom. Thank you so much Jamie!


For families that relocate frequently, a potted garden might be the way to go.  Should the Hanchers ever decide to move, much of their garden can travel with them since many of their plants are potted.  Even the beloved cypress tree can be moved as long as the Hanchers exclude the tree on the sales contract and the buyer agrees.

Tip: If you are thinking purchasing a home with beautiful potted plants incorporated in the landscape, be sure negotiate the potted plants as part of the contract if you want them to stay with the home.  The pots are not permanent fixtures and do not automatically stay when the home is sold.  For more information on the value of your home or other real estate questions, contact me at



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