Bravo Wylie ISD


The first STAAR test was given in 2012. The purpose of the STAAR is to determine whether students can move to the next grade level and/or graduate. It has certain passing requirements. Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) plan was for them to jump in two steps over five years, so by 2016, students were to be “post-secondary” ready. But, on August 21st a new plan was released. It is pushing back the final standards date to the years 2021 and 2022. Therefore, the children that are in First Grade this year won’t face the final standards until they are in Eighth Grade. This is a whole other conversation…so let me tell you where I am headed…obviously, the TEA reviews and assesses results each year. For example, the state’s scores on fifth-grade math went up the equivalent of about one additional correct question over three years.  A couple of Dallas News journalist analyzed to the test data and found that some districts significantly beat other districts in state averages. This is where it gets good…

TEA data includes 551 districts and charter schools in Texas with at least 1,000 students. Only 24 topped the state on at least nine of the 19 tests given consistently over the three years. And only one district with more than 5,000 students is on that list: Wylie, in Collin County.” 

So Wylie ISD is doing something right and people are taking notice. Whatever the recipe is that Wylie teachers are using, I am sure other districts would like a taste!

Thanks to the dallasnews for the article.

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