Why my friend decided to adopt without a partner


One of my best friends made the Huffington Post!  Not only is that exciting, but hearing her story is amazing and inspirational.

I met Nefertiti Austin on the campus at UCLA through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  She currently works and lives in Los Angeles. She teaches US History at her local college and also teaches classes for adoptive and foster parents. In her free time she works on her blog and is writing a memoir about adopting as a single woman of color. And let’s not forget she is raising two children. God bless her!

Nefertiti knew from a young age that there are many ways to raise a family.  She herself was raised in an alternative family as her grandparents were her legal guardians.  They had the typical middle-class family with old school values.  In the 1970’s both her grandmothers decided to enter the workforce. They had currently been stay at home moms.  It was the 70’s, so she was hearing a lot about feminism and how a woman did not need a man.  Her grandfathers were telling her to get her education first, start a career second, and then to get married last.  So she started on that path. She received a master’s degree, traveled the world, worked…..and yet the third step just never happened.  Nefertiti really wanted a child. When she was almost 40 years old, she decided she wanted to adopt.  Some were hesitant with this decision, but nothing discouraged her. She knew she had enough love, life experience, gratitude, means and time to do this.  She felt like she was going to “pay it forward” and has now adopted two beautiful children. She is currently still looking for her soul mate:)

I hope you will take a minute to read her story. She has had more than 8,000 hits on this article.  I would like to hear your comments on single parent adoption. Would you consider it or encourage a friend who is considering it?

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