Revive That Linen Closet!

Does your linen closet look like this?


If so, it’s time to fix it. I will show you some tips and examples of ways to declutter and revive that linen closet!

First, I would take out all items so you can clean, clean, clean. Wipe down and dust the shelves, then vacuum and mop the floor. Might as well start with a fresh and clean slate.

Second, sort through all the items that you took out of the closet. Make sure to get rid of linens, sheets and pillows that are soiled, torn or don’t have matches. You can make a goodwill and trash pile while you are sorting.

For the items that you are keeping, fold them very nicely.

Tip: Only keep two sets of sheets per bed in your house.

Tip: Put a whole sheet set into the pillowcase of that same set.

Third, use baskets or another storage container to keep items sorted in closet. Make sure to label them to best fit your family.

basketlabel2 basketlabel

Last, start placing items back into the closet. Try to group items together according to use. For the items that are not in a basket, you could always label the shelf.

Tip: Place a small stepladder inside the closet so you can easily reach the top shelves.

Tip: Bolt some towel racks on the inside of the door to hang a few extra items.


Tip: Adjustable shelves would help you best optimize your space.


If you do not have a linen closet, or the one you have just isn’t spacious enough, try these ideas…an armoire, free-standing dresser or some bookshelves.

armoire armoire2bookshelf

You could even build some drawers and cabinets at the end of a hallway.


The small drawers can hold the smaller items while the cabinets can store the larger items.

Tip: Create a linen cupboard in the kitchen.

This allows you to store tablecloths on hanging racks and napkins and placemats in the drawers. A contractor can remodel a space for you costing about $300 or you could D-I-Y with some cheaper versions.


kitchen4 kitchen3 kitchen2

Get to organizing everyone….and I will too!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me should you need help with any of your Real Estate needs.

Dawn Redmond

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