Taking Bluebonnet Pictures?

photo 1

Do you plan on taking pictures in the bluebonnets this year? Most Texans really enjoy doing this around April. Here are a few tips for you.

* Make sure the bluebonnets are at their prime, which is a short window. Check your favorite bluebonnet patch often and don’t take them too early or wait too late!

*The more natural the picture, the better. Laugh often and make it fun! Well rested and fed children make better models! Try wearing solid colors so the picture isn’t too busy. The bluebonnets will add enough pattern to the photo.

*Keep a blanket or towel in your car just in case the ground is a little wet. Also, watch out for ants!

*Make sure you are eye level when taking the pictures. If you are on a hill, stand closer to the bottom and take pictures so the bluebonnets fill up the whole picture from the back. In an ideal situation, you want the sun behind the subject of the picture so they don’t have to squint. If there seems to be shadows, use your flash. Try to make the subject fill up 2/3 of the photo and the bluebonnets fill 1/3.

*Best time for photos – early morning or late afternoon/early evening. Not midday!

*Yes, the bluebonnets are beautiful, but stay safe and only take pictures in a safe area!

*Don’t pick the bluebonnets. We want them to grow back next year.

Would you rather have someone else take pictures for you? My friend and Sachse resident, Laura Wilmarth, has a photography business called Water Lily Photography. Contact her to set up an appointment.


By the way…who noticed the old photo at the top of the blog? That was me as a toddler in my pretty Easter dress:) I hope you have a Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. As always, I am never too busy to take your call. Contact me anytime so I can assist you with ANY of your real estate needs!

-Dawn Redmond

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