Ideal Mother’s Day

My ideal Mother’s Day would include trying a new restaurant the night before so it would be less crowded. On the actual Mother’s Day I would like to take a trip to the nursery followed by the family helping me plant my summer garden. Get your gardening gloves out kiddos! I hope the rain holds off this weekend…

The website surveyed more than 750 moms to find out what their ideal Mother’s Day would be. Almost half the moms would enjoy a special meal at home with their partner and children. Gifts? It was a pretty close response between, a homemade gift from their house/garden, personal gift such as clothes or jewelry, no gift at all or something for the whole family to enjoy. Guess what gift received the most response for the whole family to enjoy? A tree!

Comment and let me know:

1. What is your ideal Mother’s Day?

2. What gift do you want for Mother’s Day?

3. What should I plant in my summer garden?

What a blessing to have so many selfless mothers in this world. Even if they don’t tell you enough, you are all appreciated everyday by your family! Enjoy your Mother’s Day this weekend, rain or shine!


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