Winnipeg, Canada – Two World Cup Games & One Friendly Tournament

Congratulations to the US Women’s Soccer team on winning the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup! This rematch of the 2011 championship game was much different as the US women dominated most of the game. More fans were glued to their TV’s than any other sporting event since the 2004 World Series. What’s more, I am among the fortunate who can say that I went to the World Cup in 2015 and watched the first two US games live!

My daughter’s soccer coaches from Mutiny FC decided about two years ago that the girls should go to the World Cup. The parents chuckled and moved on to the next topic, thinking that would never really happen. But, the coaches didn’t let it go. Thanks to family and friends from all over the Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, Allen, Rockwall, McKinney, and Allen area, our girls raised over $10,000 in different fundraisers! On June 7th, we were off to Winnipeg, Canada for one week to witness the top ladies of US soccer beat Australia 3-1 and tie Sweden 0-0. What an experience for the 20 young players and for the parents, too!

In addition, the girls played in an International Friendly Tournament. My definition of a “Friendly” Tournament is where you play hard, hopefully beat the other team and then you take pictures together with your new long distance friends/rivals. The girls definitely were inspired from watching the US Women’s team because they tied two older Minnesota teams and beat two older teams from the Winnipeg Club. We sent a clear message…Don’t Mess With Texas Soccer!

Our team held two game watching parties for the Semi-Finals and the Finals. One was at Buffalo Wild Wings in Garland and the other was at Two Rows in Allen. Thank you to those restaurants for tolerating the screaming! It was an amazing experience to cheer on our US team to victory. No one wanted the experience to end but what AMAZING memories we have made this summer! Now planning begins for the San Diego Surf Cup in July 2016:)

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2015-06-06 19.19.30

2015-06-09 07.38.54

2015-06-08 17.40.57-2

2015-06-11 22.54.00

2015-06-11 22.54.06

2015-06-11 19.46.16

2015-06-11 05.24.09

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