Woman-arm-muscleI am so proud of the Murphy Moms! A past real estate client of mine, Tammy Leflett, had a package stolen from her porch. Her neighbor obtained a picture of the thief from one of her home security cameras. Once that picture was on the “Moms of Murphy” Facebook page, a private group of over 1,000 Murphy residents, the moms went to work!

About an hour after the package was stolen, another Murphy Mom drove past an accident. She noticed the person and car in the the crash matched the person and car on the “Moms of Murphy” Facebook page. She showed the picture to the police officer who then looked inside his car and guess what? The police officer found packages belonging to at least eight victims in Plano, Murphy and Wylie…and one was Tammy’s! The total value of the stolen goods was around $750.

The Murphy police chief presented certificates of appreciation to the moms. Good job ladies! And remember, “Don’t Mess with Murphy Moms!”

If you want to see the video from Fox4News then click here.

Don’t Mess with Murphy Moms!

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