Wait – Do not cut off the red emergency release cord!


I am sure you have heard there have been quite a few attempted break-ins into garages in Murphy lately.  According to Murphy’s Chief of Police, none of them have been successful, though there has been some damage to some garage doors. Murphy is currently investigating and following up on leads.

What are some things you can do to protect yourself and your home?

  1. Remove any remote controlled garage door openers from your car. Instead, use a keychain remote opener so it will always be with you…not left in the car.
  2. Lock the door that leads from the garage into the house. It should be treated like you would the main front door of the home.
  3. Place a peep hole in the door so if you hear a noise in the garage you can see what is going on without having to open the door.
  4. If you have windows into the garage, make sure the blinds are closed or the windows are frosted so it is harder for them to see if a car is in the garage or not. No car means no one is home…more likely of a break-in.
  5. Add a motion detecting light on either side of the garage door.
  6. Keep bushes and trees around the garage door small and low so it is not an easy hiding place.

What should you NOT do? DO NOT CUT OFF THE RED EMERGENCY RELEASE CORD to your garage door.  Some people say it helps prevents burglars from using a coat hanger to dis-engage the garage door opener BUT it also prevents anyone from being able to get out of the garage in the event of an emergency.  Plus, “Federal Law requires emergency release cords to be installed and maintained on all garage door openers.” Some people will use a zip tie in the holes in the trolley but you must use the smallest you can find! Why? So in an emergency if you need to pull the emergency release cord, it will snap the zip tie. It needs to be strong enough to stop a coat hanger or fishing wire from snagging it BUT will break away with a hard pull of the release cord.


Even though Murphy is known as one of the “safest cities in the U.S.” residents should not leave their guard down!  I am proud of all the Murphy residents for informing one another and talking about different situations. I read about it on Facebook’s MOMS OF MURPHY group and if it wasn’t for them I may not have heard that this was happening.

Thanks neighbors!

-Dawn Redmond