Woman-arm-muscleI am so proud of the Murphy Moms! A past real estate client of mine, Tammy Leflett, had a package stolen from her porch. Her neighbor obtained a picture of the thief from one of her home security cameras. Once that picture was on the “Moms of Murphy” Facebook page, a private group of over 1,000 Murphy residents, the moms went to work!

About an hour after the package was stolen, another Murphy Mom drove past an accident. She noticed the person and car in the the crash matched the person and car on the “Moms of Murphy” Facebook page. She showed the picture to the police officer who then looked inside his car and guess what? The police officer found packages belonging to at least eight victims in Plano, Murphy and Wylie…and one was Tammy’s! The total value of the stolen goods was around $750.

The Murphy police chief presented certificates of appreciation to the moms. Good job ladies! And remember, “Don’t Mess with Murphy Moms!”

If you want to see the video from Fox4News then click here.

Don’t Mess with Murphy Moms!


I had a wonderful holiday season this year! It started out the week before Thanksgiving with an Appreciation Party that I hosted with my friend and co-worker, Cynthia Lopez. We had all our past clients join us at Texas Restaurant in Richardson for wonderful food, music, drinks and socializing. I also invited my leadership from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Chi Zeta Omega Chapter where I serve as president.

I attached some of my favorite pictures for you to see. This is an tradition and looking forward to my event next year as well!  Each guest left with a Poinsettia to get them in the holiday spirit along with a $10 token to bring back to use at Texas at a later date.

I hope each of you made many memories this holiday season. I am still praying and thinking about all the people that were affected by the tornadoes last week. If you need anything please let me know!

Enjoy my slideshow and don’t forget to contact me if I can assist you with any real estate needs!

Thank you for following my blog. Until 2016!

-Dawn Redmond

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Client Appreciation Party 2015


ImageI hope you all had a great start to 2014. On New Year’s Eve, my daughter along with eight kindergarten through 5th graders sat down with magazines scissors and glue and created vision boards for 2014.  After, they shared their “visions” with the group. To say I was impressed is an understatement. These girls expressed that they wanted to face their fears, follow their inner compass, trust God, be happy, be successful, grow their hair, eat more candy and ice cream…the lists went on…

I decided to follow their lead and create my own vision board for 2014 and share it with you.  I am told accountability is key.  I was also told that vision statements should be written as if the vision is happening in the present state.

You can keep me accountable. If you feel moved, create your virtual vision board and share it with me.

Here it goes.


I meet new people daily resulting in meeting at least 100 new people this year by attending social events, volunteer opportunities and  networking events.



I purchase organic fruits and meats when possible


My credit cards are PAID off!!!


I pray daily and trust God more


I lose the unwanted 10 to 15 pounds for GOOD!


I sell 25 homes (60% are sellers/40% are buyers)


I buy a car so that I can show homes to my clients in the comfort and style they deserve





I save money for retirement and invest wisely

What is your 2014 vision?

Vision 2014